dallas paperRamsay Midwood’s Grooves of Wrath


“Take a healthy dose of John Prine, a dollup of Bringing It All Back Home electric Dylan, a pinch of early Tom Waits, a sprinkle of Charlie Poole, and a splash of Lightin’ Hopkins…the result might be as intriguing as Midwood’s first album, Shoot Out at the OK Chinese Restaurant.”

-Dustin Ogden, “Gospel Music for Inspired Barflies”, No Depression

“[On the track] ‘Spinning On This Rock’, found on the absolute classic Shoot Out At the OK Chinese Restaurant, Midwood comes on strong, eating vowels like nobody’s business with a voice/vibe like Bobby Charles and Link Wray playing Russian roulette in a woodshed.”

Aquarium Drunkard

“[Midwood’s] pleasant gurgle of production lends his songwriting an authenticity, like a modern surrealist troubadour.”

New Raleigh

-Alex Steininger, Album Review, In Music We Trust

-C. Michael Bailey, Album Review, All About Jazz


One thought on “PRESS

  1. Jimmy Norton says:

    Ramsey Midwood is a musical genius.

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