New T Shirts Available



Click on Pic to Get to Paypal and place your order

Small Med Large XL and S M L Tanks available ..please specify when ordering



18 thoughts on “New T Shirts Available

  1. Margaret Wohler says:

    Please send me a *small!

  2. Stan Davis says:

    XXXL Please!!

  3. Ann Holmes says:

    I would like an XL!
    Thank you

  4. keith says:

    yo m wood. i had to have it. I need an xl. k

  5. amelia says:

    Please send a size large to Aaron Robertson/Amelia Hinds. just ordered it.

  6. claudia says:

    Do you ship to Europe? I would be happy…

  7. Brenda Odle says:

    I just paid. I need a large Thanks! B. Odle

  8. Aaron Smith says:

    I need an XL in the grey color please!

  9. Cool stuff…. Would like to buy a large and xl

  10. Gary Hebert says:

    Please send me an extra large. Thanks. Gary H

  11. Andie says:

    I love my t-shirt! 😉

  12. tom says:

    how mUch Is postage to SCOTLAND

  13. Jim says:

    How much is the postage to Wales please?

  14. Jim Bachmann says:

    XL for me please.

  15. Jim Bachmann says:

    Hello there… I ordered a shirt and didn’t specify a size. Xl please!

  16. Becky Ritter says:

    Ordered a shirt for my old man…need an XL please!

  17. Lonnie Glidewell says:

    Ordered an XL on March 28th put the size in the paypal comments

  18. Lee MacDonald says:

    Please make mine a Medium!
    Love from your diehard fanbase in Nova Scotia.

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